Why I Started A Photo Booth Business

Recently I wrote a new mission statement for myself, “to remind people of the intimacy of being human”. This mission applies to all of my business endeavours, including the one that hosts this blog, Henry Paul Photography.

On New Year’s Eve 2019 I was having dinner at a restaurant in Los Angeles with a friend Andrew. I hadn’t seen Andrew in 2 years, and we wanted to go somewhere for a nice meal before the NYE shenanigans overrun the city. In celebration of New Year’s, the restaurant had hired a photo booth for the evening. The waiter explained that it was free for the patrons and that they wanted to create a memorable NYE experience by providing people with an exciting way of documenting the night. After some convincing, I managed to wrangle Andrew into the booth and we took some snaps. Needless to say, WE LOVED IT!

Although some significant time has passed since that evening, the photo booth experience has stuck with me. Far more than I could have expected. The camera wasn’t fancy. The backdrop was plain. But the joy and levity I experienced on that evening were commemorated in a simple series of photographs that I look back at almost every day.


It was this experience that made me realise that I wanted to build a photo booth business based on my core mission statement, “reminding people of the intimacy of being human”.
I recently launched The OG Photobooth Company, a photo booth hire business based in Sydney. “Mister OG”, the first custom-built booth was created with the help of the glorious Amanda from Bone & Willow. Long term, I hope to build a family of OG Booths running around Sydney and the surrounding region helping celebrate the intimacy of being human at weddings, parties and corporate events.
You are invited to follow along as I grow this business and see what opportunities it unfolds in capturing lasting memories that are way more significant than just pixels on a screen.
Peace and love,

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