Sydney Harbour Enagagement Shoot

I took Jas & Brett down to one of my favourite locations on the Sydney Harbour: Balls Head Reserve. One of the reasons I have fallen in love with this place is how quiet it is. And it’s in that quietness that I am able to freely explore the intimacy and authenticity of a love story between two best friends like Jas & Brett.

I meet loved up couples all the time in my job, and every now and then the first time I am meeting them is right before I’m about to take their photo. Everyone has experienced that awkwardness of a stranger taking their photos, so I don’t need to go into detail about why it’s important to gel with your photographer.

The challenge for the photographer is building instant rapport, connection and trust with your subject in order to make them feel like it’s okay for them to be “just be themselves”. I appreciated how quickly Jas & Brett allowed me to take them to a place of intimacy, and the way they trusted me to document them honestly and without pretence.

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