Sam & Red – Irish Engagement Shoot

Irish sunsets are divine in the summer months. They are long, late, and pure magic. Coming from Australia, I’ve definitely seen my fair share of beautiful sunsets. Yet there is something completely unique about the Irish sunset that made me desperate to shoot it. The opportunity arose last month when I was in Dublin for a wedding, and two of the guests had recently gotten engaged.

Sometimes I feel like my job revolves around a series of first dates. I’m always trying to figure out if we’re “a good fit”. I’ll comment on their choice of clothing, try to find out what passions and hobbies they have, exchange some light banter, and I’ll usually try to figure out if they’re a so-called “board game person” or not.

Because the sunset is so late in the Irish summer, the three of us got a pub feed at The Summit Inn in Howth before the shoot. This is where I first encountered Red’s infectious humour and how much he adores Sam. Sam was initially more composed than Red, but once I got them joking around together I saw Sam match Red’s silliness. Their enthusiasm for life and for each other was unquestionable.

After another round of drinks, we went for a stroll to the cliffs of Howth, overlooking the Irish Sea. Only a few days earlier had I travelled across this sea on the ferry from Wales. Now I had a completely different perspective, with two madly-in-love people in front of my camera. We didn’t spend long takings photos, but the time that we did spend was oh so worth it.

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