Refer A Friend

This exquisite frame is a perfect feature for your bedroom or living room wall.

  • handcrafted in Australia
  • 16 x 20 inches
  • fine art photo paper
  • hand-torn edges
  • your choice of photograph
  • valued at $499

When a friend or family member books me to photograph their wedding, make sure they mention you as their reference. You’ll get to select one photograph to have printed, framed and shipped to your door!

This offer ends on December 31st.

How to refer your friends:

Referring a friend to any service or product should come from confidence in the brand you are referring. You can refer my photography services knowing that your friend will have locked in an experienced photographer who truly sees the value in celebrating marriage.

High impact:

  • Face-to-face recommendation
  • Over the phone
  • An email with relevant links

Low impact:

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