Photographers are friends, not food

How to be a bangin’ wedding host and look after your photographer (and other vendors)

Yes, the heading is a little cheeky, but I hope you hear my heart on this. This is not some desperate plea to my clients to treat me better. Nor is this intended as a scolding for previous clients. Whether you’ve hired me as your photographer, or you’ve picked another insanely talented individual to shoot your wedding, I hope to impart a few tid-bits of perspective on what is is like from the other side of the camera.

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P.S. I love you(r work)

Typically, your photographer has worked hard to get to your wedding. They’ve put in years of practise, missed out on countless 21st and 30th birthday parties, and driven a couple of hours to get to the venue.  Take it from me, it is radically easier to work with brides and grooms who actually want you there. So say it! 😉

If you like what your photographer is doing, tell them you feel relaxed with them. If you’re getting excited to see the photos, tell them!!!! The three greatest words for a photographer (or any creative) to hear is “We trust you”.

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A seat at the table

The worst thing to happen at a wedding for a photographer is to find out there’s nowhere to sit and eat. I have literally eaten dinner on a milk crate at a wedding, and let me tell you, I have never felt more deflated in my career than that moment.

Be sure to ask your photographer what their seating preference is. Some prefer to be seated away from the guests in order to relax and recharge. Others prefer to be in the action and constantly switched on.

Play tag

It can be difficult explaining the importance of tagging your photographer (or any other vendor) on social media. But in a nutshell, this is a really easy way that you can help them spread the word and continue finding more awesome clients.

If you are sharing your photos online, it’s probably because you love them. Tagging your photographer is a super easy way to share the love with them.

Reviews make the world go round

Would you believe me if I told you that leaving a review is one of the most powerful ways that you can influence the success of your photographer’s career? Studies show that you have most likely booked your vendors based on what someone else said about them.

Google and Facebook reviews are hugely important for photographers to show their prospective clients that they are relevant and trustworthy. It takes your 5 minutes, but can the make the world of difference.

Here’s a few more suggestions

  • Offer them water and snacks throughout the day.
  • Sending small gifts or thank you notes are one of the most heartfelt gestures.
  • Name them in your ‘thank you’ speech at the reception.
  • Display your photos. Frame them in your home, change your phone’s wallpaper, purchase an album.

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