Makena & Alex – Huntington Gardens LA

“What you look like” and “who you are” are two very different things. One is merely a visual representation of you, and one is a deep understanding of what makes you human. As bizarre as it sounds, I spend a considerable amount of time focusing on the latter of these two things.

On New Years Day I met Makena & Alex at the Huntington Gardens in Pasadena, California. Over the course of an hour, I was able to go from meeting these two for the very first time to knowing who they are as individuals and lovers.

What immediately struck me about these two was their affection for each other. Walking toward me at the entrance to the Huntington I saw them holding hands and chatting to each other. As we began the shoot, there was barely a moment when they weren’t making body contact. I got to witness their affection for each other and the way they value each other for their uniqueness.

Lately, I have been harnessing a deeper and more intense way of connecting with couples. My goal has been to draw out as much gold and emotion based on a variety of prompts. A good prompt should evoke a response, but shouldn’t dictate what that response has to look like.

“Imagine you are meeting your partner for the very first time all over again, but this time you can only use your hands to touch their face and body.”

Having your photo taken should not cause you to cringe or feel awkward. Instead, my vision for every photography experience is that it would connect the couple to a deeper (and perhaps unspoken) part of their relationship and bring it to the surface. These moments are the ones worth capturing. These moments are the ones worth framing.

Here are some moments from Makena & Alex’s engagement session, all the way from California!

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