Liam & Rosie – Nara Garden Engagement Canberra

We met online. That is, Liam and I met online. In some bizarre confluence of events, he and I both signed up for this unknown social platform for hipsters called Ello. I had zero friends on this platform, so Ello recommended I befriend Liam, a fellow photographer who lived in a town called Armidale. Although neither of us continued to use Ello, we stayed in touch via Facebook and he eventually moved to Canberra. Woop woop!

We continue to stay in touch, with Liam shooting some weddings with me and taking on some of my editing responsibilities. One day at a wedding Liam tells me he’s met a girl; Rosie. He tells me he’s infatuated with her and wants to spend the rest of his life with her. Nawwwwwww.

Having spent a bit of time with them together, it’s easy to see why they’re so compatible. Not only are their personalities so similar, but they share the same life goals and morals. It’s always a pleasure hearing them dream about living in England enjoying the miserable weather and drinking tea.

Although I won’t be in the country to attend their wedding, I was thrilled to be able to capture a few memories for them in this season of engagement.

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