Jess & Liv – Blayney Wedding

A party for the ages. Jess & Liv wedding was full of excitement and anticipation, as it was one of the first full-scale weddings in NSW to be held without any restrictions in almost a year. And what a way to celebrate!!

I was instantly fond of the couple, as they each embraced me upon meeting me and welcomed me into the fold. Escorted by their all-female wedding party, this has got to have been one of the cheekiest, most rambunctious groups I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. I was pleasantly reminded about the generosity of strangers (even when they couldn’t comprehend two brides getting married to each other!) and was inspired by Jess & Liv’s attitude: nothing could get in their way of having the best day ever.

Without a doubt, the highlight of the entire day was taking time out of the reception to climb to the top of a wind farm, and experience the turbines in all their glory. I’ve never stood so close to a wind turbine before, but my god, they are truly majestic. Being there with two loved-up women was even greater, as the sun shone on them in a way almost akin to the heavens blessing this sacred union.

It was an honour to spend a day with such wonderful humans, doing what a love the most: photographing people in love.

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