How The Wedding Industry Is Changing (for the better)

The first wedding I photographed was in 2012. In fact, that was the first wedding I had ever been to! I was a pimply teenager with essentially no clue how to work a camera, let alone any idea what the usual tropes of a wedding were. I have now photographed more than 100 weddings and rest assured I have learned a thing or two since that first one. I’ve seen all the fashions and trends go in and out the proverbial revolving door. Thanks, in no small part, to Pinterest for being the modern gift registry that keeps on re-gifting.

Discounting the inevitable cookie-cutter weddings (who doesn’t like a good cookie anyway?), the shifts I have noticed over the past couple of years give me hope that weddings aren’t going out of fashion, but that people are merely choosing meaningful ways to celebrate the commitment of marriage.

Intimacy over opulence:

Gone are the days when everyone’s wedding needed to be bigger than Ben-Hur. Perhaps it is due to the downturn in the economy (or perhaps an uptake in common sense) brides and grooms are choosing smaller, low-key affairs. Fewer guests, less bunting and less fuss.

My mission statement is “to remind people of the intimacy of being human”, which is far easier to do when I am shooting brides and grooms that already have a revelation of how extraordinary intimacy can be. I tip my hat to the brides that forego the $900 shoes in favour of their favourite sneakers. I salute the grooms that dismiss the need for a fleet of classic Bentley’s and take an Uber instead.

Social Responsibility:

People’s values are progressing, and no two couples are the same. Tailoring services specific to each couples’ needs is one of the major things to be shifting in the industry in 2019 onwards. Environmental awareness. Body positivity. Marriage equality. The wedding industry is embracing this colourful world of inclusion, diversity and social responsibility, and I am all about it!

I recently wrote a piece on ways to incorporate eco-friendly plans in your wedding, but my recommendation to all my clients is to take some time early in the planning process to decide how you can incorporate your values into your celebration. Are there any religious or cultural elements you want to include in the ceremony? Perhaps you want to curate a menu that reflects your own personal diet choices? The key thing I encourage is for you to focus on the intersection between your personal morals and the wedding you are planning.

Flexible payment options:

As more and more couples are opting to pay for their own wedding (rather than relying solely on their parents), the industry has had to provide affordable and flexible options to keep up with the times. Services like Afterpay and Zip Money are growing steadily across all sectors; weddings included. My own business model has shifted to provide fixed payment plans for all of my photography packages to make it easier for clients across the board to avoid being left with an enormous wedding bill when they get home from their honeymoon.

Instead of an industry exploiting the mainstream attitudes of over-expenditure, I see a field of people who are all dedicated to the commitment of marriage and who will work their butts off to help people celebrate it.

As you can see, the wedding industry is changing. ?For ?The ? Better! For these reasons, I am more optimistic and excited than ever before about the future of the wedding industry. If you are looking for a wedding photographer who will let you celebrate your wedding your way, I would love to hear from you. You can reach me by heading to my contact page and filling out the form provided.

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