Eco-Friendly Wedding Tips

Eco-friendly wedding tips.

These days everyone is aware of how their actions contribute to reducing their carbon footprint. We’re all driving less and catching Ubers, installing solar on our roof, eating better, watching Netflix documentaries, the whole lot! However, often when it comes time to plan a wedding, some of these eco-habits go out the window. Brides and grooms are often told, “your wedding is all about you!”. And whilst this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, I think it’s important to keep a global mindset when making decisions for your wedding.

Now I’m certainly not suggesting we all need to go and wrap ourselves in newspaper for the wedding, but here’s a list of some very practical ways you can work towards reducing your carbon footprint and keeping the earth smiling as your walk down the aisle.

Travel Eco-Friendly

Flying 100 of your friends and family halfway across the globe for a party may sound like an epic idea, buuuuut that’s definitely going to cost the earth way more than your wallet. Keeping things local is the easiest way to reduce travel emissions. Also, instead of having 50 cars driving to the reception, you could hire a bus or set up a carpool.

eco friendly wedding tips

Eat Eco-Friendly

If you haven’t heard, meat is not so great for the environment. Trust me, I’ve watched Cowspiracy, so I’m practically an expert. Seriously though, if you are serious about looking after the environment during your wedding, your choice of catering is a big deal. If you want to go hardcore, you could opt for full vegetarian catering (note, this will also be wayyyyyy cheaper as well). Otherwise, avoiding red meats or having vegetarian entrees can be a good compromise.

Reuse & Recycle

‘Vintage’ is a huge trend at the moment, which bodes well for greenies like me. Achieving that ’vintage look’ often demands finding pre-loved goods to use for decoration. But there are so many more opportunities to recycle for your wedding than simply finding a cute old couch for the reception.

Here’s a list I’ve compiled for you of recycle-based wedding suppliers:

Vintage Aisle – preloved wedding gowns, Online

Still White – preloved wedding gowns, Online

Paper Culture – stationery, Online

Ethical Jewels – engagement and wedding rings, Online

Plus there’s plenty of local Facebook groups with couples selling their old wedding things.

eco friendly wedding tips

Choose Eco-Friendly Wedding vendors

I run a paperless business, with all contracts and communication done online. I also drive a small car that doesn’t chew through too much petrol (my dream car is a Tesla though!), and I choose my suppliers based on their environmental friendliness. This may be something you need to ask your vendors about before booking their services, but it’s not something business owners spruik very much at the moment. The benefits of booking like-minded vendors go beyond just the environment though. If they care about the things you care about, it’s more likely they’ll care about you!!! (And isn’t that really what we all want?)

Other ideas:

  • Create your own confetti using a hole-punch and dried leaves.
  • Try using vegan makeup, you might be surprised!
  • Source your wine locally.
  • Use flowers that are grown in Australia, in season.

Other resources:

  • A fun little tool to play with is this wedding carbon footprint calculator: It also gives you the opportunity to donate to the fund to offset your emissions.
  • Check if your gems are sourced from a conflict-free zone using the Kimberly Process.

That’s all from me and my eco-friendly wedding tips people. Have you got any suggestions for more eco-friendly wedding tips? I’d love to hear from you.

Stay clean, stay green, and stay keen. Happy wedding planning.



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