Belle & Layne – Shellharbour DIY Wedding

Belle & Layne’s wedding was entirely an expression of who they are and how they love. The amount of community involvement in putting the day together showed how much they value and rely on the people in their circles. The DIY elements of the day, including Belle’s dress, articulated their creative spirits. And ultimately, the prioritisation of making memories over “being trendy” was a clear assertion of their “IDGAF” attitude in life.

Although both of them had newly relocated to Kiama when they met, it’s a wonder how much of a community they have built for themselves since arriving. The wedding was hosted on the property of a family friend and the flowers designed by an old floristry colleague of Belle’s. I, too, count it an honour to have been at this wedding not only as “photographer Hank” but also as “friend Hank”.

Belle & Layne chose to play their cards close to their chest when it came to announcing the wedding. In fact, they didn’t announce it was a wedding until guests arrived at the property.

You’ll find oodles of wedding inspiration in these images ahead. But one thing I’ll say about these two humans is their ability to completely buck the trend and do what makes them happy. Many of the choices around the wedding day are extremely unique. This kind of uniqueness is one of the elements I love about my job: every wedding is different. Every couple expresses themselves differently.

And on that note, I present Belle & Layne’s wedding: full of creative expression and full-on emotions.


“So, Layne thinks we met in August 2017 at my brother’s birthday party in Coffs Harbour. I’m pretty sure I would have remembered him though! Instead, I remember meeting him when I drove down to Kiama and stayed with some friends for a weekend to start moving some things down in November 2017. He happened to be having a trial week at a job down here at the same time. He was moving down from Coffs, great timing really. He got out of the car and he was wearing a bright orange long-sleeved top and he had a freshly completely shaved head, it was awesome! I also noticed his incredibly muscly arms. Thank God for strong men!”

“I love the fact that Belle doesn’t let anyone push her around, tell her how to dress or how to act. She is one of a kind.”

Florist: Steph Allan, Thistle & Fox Floral Studio | Engagement Ring: Belle’s Great Grandmother | Celebrant: Ps. Ben Staines | Ceremony Venue: Private Property | Catering: Family and friends | Cake: Montana Pratt | Decorations: Salvos ??  Invitations: Em Kadwell | Event Furniture: Wrendelle | Photobooth: The OG Photobooth Company | Wedding Bands: Layne’s Grandparents | Bridal Gown Designer: Belle Shoes: Barefoot | Hair: Chelsea Taylor Hairstylist | Makeup: Lou Cosmetics Groom’s Shirt: Myer | Pants: Myer | Bow Tie: YD | Bridesmaid Attire: Sewn by Belle | Groomsmen Attire: Myer

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