Behind The Lens: Medina Man

Take a moment to view the photo above. How does it make you feel? What memories does it generate?

Last year I went to Morocco and took this photo. But there’s so much more that this photo represents than just “interesting visuals”.

The week before this photo was taken, I had an eye test and got a new prescription. My sight was getting worse, but thanks to modern medicine I was able to have 20/20 vision through the assistance of my glasses.

Sight is one of the greatest gifts I’ve been given, and I am guilty of taking it granted on a near-daily basis. It literally keeps me employed, and it allows me to experience this magnificent world in all its aesthetic glory.

In Morocco, I attended a private cooking class in the Medina of Marrakesh and the chef took me to the markets to buy ingredients. We came upon this man who was selling herbs. He was also blind. We asked for some mint and thyme, and using his sense of smell he was able to select the herbs we wanted.

Traveling in foreign countries can often feel like visiting different worlds. But encounters like this remind me that the human experience is universal, and that the same determination that drives me as a photographer also drives a blind man selling herbs.

To me, moments like this are the reason I am a photographer*. Human-ness, in its most raw and intimate form, is often easier to show than articulate. It is human-ness that I strive to capture when I photograph weddings and portraits.

If you are keen to follow along on my journey to document the intimacy of being human, please connect with me on social media.

Until next time, I encourage you to share the love and send someone a warm text this evening (and while you’re at it, look after yourself too).


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