Amanda & Jeremy – Paddington Resevoir Gardens

It has been three months since I moved to Sydney, and in that time I have met countless new people. At times, I’ve felt like I’m back in primary school trying to make friends with other kids on the playground, or like I am a small paddleboat in a magnificent ocean. Relocating Henry Paul Photography to Sydney has been a slow burn, and I am grateful to people like Jez & Amanda who remind me that I absolutely belong here.

I took Jeremy and Amanda to Paddington Resevoir Gardens, in the heart of Sydney. I imagined it would be incredibly crowded, however it seems to be a bit of an undiscovered gem.

Upon meeting them, I got the sense that J&A are have a pretty low tolerance for BS. They don’t waste time with shallow conversation, and instead dive right in and make the most of the time they have with others. Amanda very quickly informed me that Jez was her high school crush because “he was the bass player with tight pants and long hair”, but it wasn’t until years after high school that they were reunited. By the end of our photo shoot (and the beers that followed) I felt my friendship with them was on another level.

Jeremy is the most fantasticist musician and DJ you will ever meet. He loves Amanda dearly, and adores his two sons. He avoids catching trains, and do I even need to mention his delicious black locks? Amanda runs her own wedding styling business, Bone and Willow, and has an eye for all things aesthetic. She’s a plant collector, cat owner and a cool mum (the un-ironic kind).

Feel free to scroll down and soak in the photo-y goodness that is Amanda & Jeremy.

paddington sydney couple shootPhotos taken at Paddington Resevoir Gardens, Sydney Australia.

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