5 unique places to find #weddinginspo

If you spend enough time in the world of weddings, you’ll come to see all the fads and fashion. Wine barrels, bunting, neon lights, baby’s breath. They’ve all had their moment in the wedding spotlight and have made their way into our wedding inspo vocabulary.

Now don’t get me wrong, there is nothing inherently wrong with #weddinginspo and the likes of Pinterest. But it is my professional opinion that following wedding “trends” is a disservice to brides and grooms. Instead, looking for inspiration in the places that actually have meaning and significance to you and your partner is going to guarantee that you have a completely unique wedding that focusses on you and the commitment you’re making.

Let’s kick things off with a (kind of) easy one…

Art, Galleries and Exhibitions

The reason I start with this suggestion is that it is the most visual one on my list. Wedding inspo often refers to the styling and the “look” of the wedding. So go on a research assignment to your local gallery and keep an eye out for art that moves you. Take this installation by Nike Savvas below as an example. What does it invoke? How could a piece of art be reinterpreted at your wedding?

Unique Wedding Inspo

Artist Credit: Nike Savvas, Atomic: full of love, full of wonder

Photo Credit: Concrete Playground


Okay. Now it’s time to think outside of the box. Yes! Even the music you listen to can be used as inspiration for your wedding. I once shot a wedding where the couple’s shared love of Aerosmith and Led Zeppelin inspired their entire choice of styling, and of course, their first dance 😉

You may not be into heavy rock, but maybe, like me, jazz is more your style. Try listening to this song and tell me you aren’t in the mood to be a bridechilla/groomchilla.

And just for good measure…

Places of significance

Are you catching my drift yet? You can literally look at any shared experience you have with your partner and draw inspiration from it. Met in India? Do a Bollywood-style first dance! Got engaged in Morocco? Serve couscous and tagine for dinner! The possibilities are literally endless.

henry paul photography

Your heritage

Okay, we’re headed into deep territory now. Time to move away from the surface-level wedding inspo, and start looking at inspiration with purpose.

What cultural traditions could you bring into a modern context? Can you repurpose your mother’s wedding dress? Are there any significant scriptures or readings to incorporate into the ceremony?

Embracing your past is such an epic way of celebrating your future. Perhaps this is a cultural influence or a faith-based influence. I strongly encourage you to take a look at some of the ways people from previous generations celebrated marriage. I can guarantee that this will lead to some pretty meaningful wedding inspo.

where to find wedding inspo


And finally…

Your soon-to-be-spouse

Your wedding should be a whole-hearted reflection of you and your partner. One way to do this is to use them as your inspiration from the get-go. Do they love the beach? Are they mad about cars?

Just like all elements of your relationship, planning a wedding requires a tonne of compromise. But trust me, if you are each wanting the best for your partner, you’ll both end up being way happier with the end result. PLUS it’s going to set you up for a stellar marriage in the long run.

5 unique places to find wedding inspo


Well, that’s it from me folks. My name is Hank Paul and I am a wedding photographer based in Sydney, Australia. Click here for more information about me.

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