3 Cost-Effective Ways to Make Your Wedding More Ethical

Planning a wedding is an enormous task that takes many months of creative thinking, collaboration and financial investment.


There is no such thing as a “perfectly ethical wedding”, but if we all work to make ours a little better for the planet, we can celebrate marrying our forever-person knowing that we’re contributing to our forever-planet.


I have determined 3 simple, yet cost-effective ways you can make your wedding more ethical and better for the planet in 2020.

How do you determine what is “ethical”?

What are your personal values? Generosity? Making an impact? Kindness? One of the best ways to measure how “ethical” your wedding will be is to measure your decisions against a set of self-determined values. Ethics, by nature, are subjective and need to be agreed upon by the two people planning the wedding.

I have established my own ethical framework. Feel free to borrow mine, or write your own.


Hank’s ethical framework:




1. Catering

If you haven’t heard, meat is not so great for the environment. Eating plants is one of the most impactful decisions you can make for your wedding, and will also affect your bottom line. If you want to go hardcore, you could opt for full vegan catering (which will be much cheaper than paying for meat). Otherwise, avoiding red meats or having vegetarian entrees can be a good compromise.

2. Wedding Party Attire:

Consider allowing your wedding party to source their own clothes, rather the prescribing a single style. You can encourage them to wear something they already own or borrow from a friend. This means you can save money, and not succumb to the lure of fast-fashion at the same time! If you do ask them to purchase something new, it’s best to make sure it’s something they’ll likely get future uses out of.

3. Screening your vendors:

Research costs you nothing! When meeting with vendors such as venues and photographers, it’s important you use your values as a framework for the questions you ask them and hire vendors who align with your values.

Do your research to see if particular vendors employ sustainable practises, are LGBT+ friendly, donate a portion of profits etc. Reading online reviews through Google and Facebook are helpful, but also be sure to ask them upfront about anything that is super important to you.


Want to learn more about planning an ethical wedding?

Download “The Ethical Australian Wedding Checklist” here.

Download “The Ethical Australian Wedding Checklist” here.

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