Fine Art Wedding Albums

"Touch has a memory" - John Keats

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3 reasons for owning a fine art wedding album:


1. They are future-proof. Your wedding album won't ever be considered "old technology", and can be passed down for generations to come.


2. Tangible products create deeper memories than digital files.


3. Albums are without a doubt, the best way to experience your wedding day - one spread at a time. Piece together your story through pages, rather than one file at a time.


4. The design options are limitless. See below some of the suggested engravings and covers to choose from.

Caring for your album

Each book is carefully handcrafted using the finest archival materials to ensure your album will last a lifetime.

Here's what I recommend to keep it in its best form:


- Always handle the book with clean hands and avoid using your nails to turn the pages. (Consider using cotton gloves when handling)

- Store the book lying flat at all times.

- Keep in room temperature, away from humidity and sunlight.


01: Infinity

02: Wreath

03: Symmetry

04: Box

05: Cherub

06: Branch

07: Heart

08: Storytime

09: Cursive


book cloth

standard Leather

VEGAN Leather


(please note that vegan leather costs and additional $110)

Interested in designing your own wedding album?

Fine Art Wedding Albums

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