Katrina & Matt – The Vinegrove, Mudgee Wedding

Love is a funny thing. Sometimes it can hit you on the back of your head and you never see it coming, and other times it’s a slow, drawn-out thing that takes you years to actually realise what’s in front of you. What started out as a platonic friendship, Kat & Matt slowly began to realise they couldn’t spend a day without each other and decided to try something more serious. Fast forward a few years into dating, nd Matt knew he wanted to marry Kat.

Hearing from Matt about the proposal was pretty incredible. Here’s what he said:

It had been in the pipeline for a while. I knew that it had to be a very special moment not only for Kat but for me, so I thought ‘I have to do it overseas somewhere’. A few trips came and went and I had missed opportunities but I realised that this trip had to be it; we were going to Kat’s favorite place, Cinque Terra in Italy. I asked Kat’s father for permission which he was more than happy to give, then struggled to hide the ring for most of the trip until the moment. I was nervous as hell but couldn’t have done it any better. I have no regrets.”

Kat & Matt’s wedding was held at The Vinegrove Mudgee. This all-in-one venue completely surpassed my expectations and I was like a little boy at an amusement park oooing and ahhhing at all of the things. Please feel free to ooh and ahh with me.
Wedding Venue: The Vinegrove Mudgee | Hair: Luxe: | Makeup: Luxe | Bridesmaid Dresses: Fashionably Yours Bridal | Jewellery: WJ Coote and Sons | Suits: Rembrant | Flowers: Bindi Hawley | Videographer: Double Clique Weddings | Entertainment: Lueth Ajak | Planner: Sarah Ferris | Catering: Mudgee Catering Collective | Cake / Dessert One of a Kind Cake Designs and Carnival Icecreams | Celebrant: Billy Minder | Styling: The Vinegrove, Mudgee / Sarah Ferris

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